Altered Summer Tea Cup #4

Tea anyone I love anything tea, tea cups, tea bags, tea spoons and tea cookies did I forget anything. Tea note cards come in set of six cards each with  matching envelopes to match card most of the cards can be seen on Coffee and Tea Monday Swap Group on Facebook.


  1. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and say hi. My Tuesday Trading Card Swap will resume in August. In short, each Tuesday I post pictures of ATCs I have made, announce the theme, and invite readers to swap with me that week. It is a one for one trade (one of mine for one of yours). To participate, simply leave a comment on that post and email your address.
    I look forward to swapping with you one day.
    enJOY a lovely week,

    ps This tea cup is beautiful-love the colors and technique!

  2. Patricia
    I love your gorgeous tea cup! the colors are lovely!

  3. This is FAB-U-LOUS! I love everything about it. Gotta try one of those...that us, er...once I finally have a certain ATC swap taken care of. (sorry! but it's in the works! honest!)
    With apologies

    I've finally posted yours at our Studio's blog


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