Vintage Brooch

Swap for all Seasons spring swap is here one of the upscale blog swaps and there are a few others. After looking several weeks for a vintage brooch and nothing that I liked thinking what do I have at home going through my back in the day jewelry found this brooch in a box label broken. The designer or company that made this piece of jewelry not known  look vintage to me. The brooch shown all the beads, crystal had come off the base I did a little magic and here is the finish results just like new. 
Patricia PJ


  1. I love how the brooch turned out... it is beautiful... I was so sad I missed signing up for this swap!

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Oh what a beautiful brooch! and thank you SO much for your prayers, sweet friend.


  3. So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you! What a great looking blog, love the background. The brooch turned out great. It really could be used with so many things. Good job turning broken into fabulous!


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